Google my Maps on

Using Google to streamline Hach’s
world wide distributor page

This project was to redesign and rebuild the Global Distributor Map on The old system worked well but outgrew itself. When Hach had only a couple of sites the Global Distributor map worked well because only one or two distributors occasionally needed to update on one site. Since becoming a global site however, Hach now get requests to change, add or delete a distributor at least once a week. With the old system this required going into a master file and correcting the file and then publishing it across all sites, manually. This process took about an hour if the request was simple, for example, updating the phone number. If the request was more complex, for example, updating all of Russia’s distributor information, it could take up to a week. With the new system, updating any content, to all sites, takes less than one minute. 


  • Old, out of date system
  • Hard to update
  • Not user friendly


  • Modern look and feel
  • As easy as updating an excel document
  • Excellent user interface