360° Photos & Google Photos/Local Guide

360° is a new and exciting way to visual explore locations or businesses. Using Google Maps I am able to take potential customers on a virtual tour of locations and give them the ability to “See Inside” on Google search results. According to Google “Listings with photos and a virtual tour are twice as likely to generate interest.” I have been using this new technology since it’s launch.


Google Milestones

   Local Guides

February 2017
Google 360° Trusted Photographer


March 2017
Level 6 Google Local Guide


   Google Photos

March 2017 1 million views
August 2017 1.5 million views
Janurary 2021 16 million views

I publish all my 360° images to Google Street View and some of my favorites can be found below.


Big projects

Hach Building 3 360° Monthly Project


New building at Hach Headquarters Loveland , CO



The Flat Image of Bottom of Shark Fin Cove, CA


The 360° Bottom of Shark Fin Cove, CA


Top of Shark Fin Cove, CA


Old Town Square, Fort Collins, CO


Yosemite Falls, Yosemite National Park


Marion Square, Charleston, SC


A fun one of my friends and me! Fort Collins, CO